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Lesson 3.2. Speaking and Listening

Pronunciation & Speaking

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Bài giảng Speaking and Listening sẽ giúp các em nắm được những kiến thức cơ bản về:

  • Pronunciation:  Linking between a consonant and a vowel
  • Speaking: Giving opinions about the importance of the skills needed for being independent.
  • Listening: Listening for specific information about how children are raised to become independent

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Tóm tắt lý thuyết trong bài giảng

  • Pronunciation: Linking between a consonant and a vowel

 When we talk naturally, we don’t pause between the words. We usually link the end and beginning of some words so that they are easy to say and flow together smoothly.

Consonant to vowel linking is very common and occurs between words ending with a consonant and words beginning with a vowel sound.

  • Speaking & Listening

             Giải thích, hướng dẫn làm bài tập SGK

              Lắng nghe đoạn hội thoại và đoán nội dung, tìm từ khóa.

              Đưa ra các gợi ý về keywords

              Đưa ra giải thích kĩ về bài tập

  1. Ví dụ trong bài giảng                                                                            

Ví dụ 1. Exercise 1, page 32 course book

Listen and repeat the following sentences, paying attention to the linking between the words.

1.He’s a new student in our class.

2.He always fulfills all his tasks on time.

3.He knows a lot about life and the world around.

4.Now it’s time for all of us to celebrate our achievements.

5.An independent person is capable of doing things by herself.

Ví dụ 2. Exercise 2, page 32 course book

Listen and link consonant sounds and the vowel sounds. Then practice reading the sentences.

  1. Line up and wait until I tell you what to do.
  2. My phone number is oh nine oh eight seven six oh four oh five (0908 760 405).
  3. You could earn a lot of money if you write an interesting e-book.
  4. Once upon a time, there was a frog that lived in a little pond.
  5. Take a box from over there and give it to me.

Ví dụ 3. Exercise 1, page 35 course book

The table below presents the skills teens need to develop in order to become independent, and the reasons why those skills are necessary. Work in pairs. Discuss and match the skills with the appropriate reasons.



1. Finding information

Activities such as doing the laundry or cleaning the house are important daily routines.

2. Getting around on your own

You gain confidence in your ability to make good decisions and don’t avoid issues.

3. Coping with loneliness

You communicate effectively and get along well with people around you.

4. General housekeeping

You think independently and make informed decisions.

5. Health and hygiene

Lacking these skills may make you feel depressed and you may make the wrong decisions about your life.

6. Problem solving

You don’t depend on others to go places and take responsibility for being late.


7. Interpersonal communication

Keeping your body healthy and clean will make you feel happy and more confident.

Ví dụ 4. Exercise 2, page 35 course book

Lan and Minh are talking about what they think are the most important skills they need in order to be independent. Use the words given to complete their conversation.




Interpersonal communication

  • Lan: Minh, which of the life skills do you think are the most important?
  • Minh: In my opinion, coping with (1) __________________ is the most important skill.
  • Lan: Really? Why do you think so?
  • Minh: Because lacking this skill may make me feel depressed and I may make the wrong (2) ___________________________ about my life. What about you? Which of the skills are the most important for you?
  • Lan: (3) ___________________________ skills. Because they can help me to (4) ___________________________ effectively and get along well with people around me.

Ví dụ 5. Exercise 3, page 35 course book

If you want to be independent, which of the skills in Exercise 1 are the most important for you?

Give an example answer

Ví dụ 6. Exercise 2, page 36 course book

Listen to an interview on Life Skills, the most popular radio show for teens and parents, and match the statements with the speakers.



1. Long

2. Tuan

3. Minh

a. He has to fulfill all his responsibilities, and is punished if he fails.

b. His parents tend to be very protective of him.

c. He has to do household chores and follow a set routine.

d. One of his responsibilities is to look after his grandparents.

e. He has been taught to make his own decisions.

f. He is encouraged to express his opinions.

Ví dụ 7. Exercise 2, page 36 course book

Answer the questions.

1.Why does Long think his parents are overprotective of him?

2.What do Long’s parents often encourage him to do?

3.What do Tuan’s parents focus on teaching him?

4.How do Tuan’s parents keep him motivated?

  1. What does Minh have to do?
  2. What can Minh do about his clothes, books, or toys?

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