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Lesson 7.2. Speaking and Listening

Pronunciation + Speaking

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Bài giảng Speaking and Listening sẽ giúp các em nắm được những kiến thức cơ bản về:

  • Pronunciation: Intonation in yes-no questions and wh-questions
  • Listening: Listening for specific information about studying abroad
  • Speaking: Expressing preferences for different further education pathways 

Nội dung bài học

  1. Tóm tắt lý thuyết trong bài giảng
  2. Pronunciation:
  • Intonation helps speakers to express their intended meaning.
  • Speakers use rising intonation at the end of yes-no questions to check whether the information is correct or not.


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Đưa ra các gợi ý về key words

Đưa ra giải thích kĩ về bài tập

  1. Ví dụ trong bài giảng                                                                            

Ví dụ 1. Exercise 1, page 20 course book

Listen and repeat the following questions from the conversation in Lesson 1. Pay attention to the intonation of yes-no and wh-questions.

1.What are you looking for?

2.What is further education?

3.How are they different?

4.Will that lead to a bachelor’s degree?

5.What are your plans for the future?

Ví dụ 2. Exercise 2, page 20 course book

Listen and repeat with the correct intonation

1.How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

2.What types of programs does the university provide?

3.Where can I apply for scholarships to study overseas?

4.When should I send my application form? 

5.How can I apply for a scholarship?

Ví dụ 3. Exercise 1, page 23 course book

Match the phrases with the description to make sentences

1.An undergraduate student

2.Distance learning or education

3.An exchange student

4.A credit-based course

5.The cloud


  1. is a network of servers on the Internet, used to store, manage and process data.
  2. goes to a foreign country to study for a period as part of a program between two institutions.
  3. allows students to manage their study schedule as long as they gain enough credits as required.

  4. follows a course of study that leads to a bachelor’s degree.
  5. allows students to work on their own at home or at the office, and access materials and communicate with tutors and other students over a computer network.

Ví dụ 4. Exercise 2, page 23 course book

Choose the correct phrases (a – f) to complete the conversation

  1. I’d rather
  2. the best choice for us
  3. there are different choices for us
  4. one more thing to consider
  5. would you prefer
  6. prefer online and distance courses

Ví dụ 5. Exercise 3, page 24 course book

Read the conversation again and answer the questions.

1.Why does Minh think that entering university after secondary school is the best choice?

2.Why does Anna prefer career-based courses?

3.What are the modes of attendance mentioned in the conversation?

4.What is one of the advantages of ‘cloud’ learning?

5.How can credit-based courses benefit students?

Ví dụ 6. Exercise 2, page 24 course book (listening)

Listen to an international student studying in Viet Nam. He is talking about his experience of pursuing higher education abroad. Take note about each point below.

Ví dụ 7. Exercise 3, page 25 course book (listening)

Listen again and decide if the following statements are true (T), false (F), or not given (NG).

  1. David is a postgraduate student majoring in Vietnamese studies.
  2. His host family helped him overcome his culture shock.
  3. His host mum taught him how to cook Vietnamese food.
  4. He used his own motorbike to get around Ha Noi.
  5. He will have a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities when he goes back home.

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