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Lesson 7.3. Grammar and Writing

Grammar + Exercise

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Bài giảng Grammar and Writing sẽ giúp các em nắm được những kiến thức cơ bản về:

  • Grammar:

The present perfect

The present perfect continuous


  • Writing: Writing an email asking for information about higher education opportunities

Nội dung bài học

  1. Tóm tắt lý thuyết trong bài giảng


  • We use the present perfect continuous with have / has been + -ing form of the verb for actions which started in the past and are still happening, or have only just finished.
  • The action can be expressed by either the present perfect or the present perfect continuous with certain verbs: hope, learn, lie, live, look, rain, sleep, sit, snow, stand, stay, study, teach, wait, work.
  • The difference between the two tenses is that the present perfect focuses on the result of the action of event. Meanwhile, the present perfect continuous focuses on the action or event which may or may not be finished.
  • The present perfect continuous can also express an action which is not interrupted. If we mention the number of times an action has been repeated, we use the present perfect.




Suggest a writing sample. (đưa ra bài viết mẫu ví dụ cho bài tập SGK)

  1. Ví dụ trong bài giảng                                                                            

Ví dụ 1. Exercise 1, page 21 course book (Grammar)

Read the conversation in Lesson 1 again. Find the time expression used with the verb forms below.

Verb forms                                                     Time expressions

  1. have been searching                           _______
  2. have been thinking                             _______
  3. have travelled                                     _______
  4. have ___ been                                     _______

Ví dụ 2. Exercise 2, page 21 course book (Grammar)

Put the verb in each sentence in the present perfect continuous.

1.Why don’t you take a break? You _____________________ (surf) the Internet all day.

2.When you travel to Thailand, you can stay at my uncle’s flat. He _____________________ (live) in Bangkok since he got married.

3.Nam’s brother graduated from college last month and _____________________ (look) for a job.

4.Kevin’s friends _____________________ (study) in Australia for a year. Their course will end in June.

5.Professor Richards, who is Dean of the Foreign Languages Faculty, _____________________(teach) in this university for more than ten years.

Ví dụ 3. Exercise 3, page 21 course book (Grammar)

Choose the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. I (have read/have been reading) three books on vocational training to complete this project.
  2. I (have read/have been reading) a report on further education since last Monday. I will finish it this Sunday.
  3. (Have you applied/Have you been applying) for the scholarship to study in Singapore?
  4. I (have waited/have been waiting) for the university’s reply about entry requirements for a whole week. I hope to receive it soon.
  5. Prof. Wilson (has given/has been giving) the same seminar to students for the last 12 years.
  6. I (have never understood/have never been understanding) why so many young people want to study abroad.

Ví dụ 4. Exercise 4, page 21 course book (Looking back)

Complete the sentences with the verbs given. Use the present perfect of the present perfect continuous.

travel               wait                 attend  take                 write

1.Since January, we ______________________ part in three discussions on higher education.

2.I’m sorry I’m so late! How long ____________ you ____________ for me?

3.How many academic courses ____________ you ____________?

  1. I ______________________   my research paper since October and I am trying my best to finish and submit it to my professor next week.
  2. Alice ______________________ in Viet Nam during her gap year and will return to the United States in December.

Ví dụ 4. Exercise 4, page 21 course book (Looking back)

Rewrite the sentence, using the present perfect or present perfect continuous.

1.The graduate students started arriving at four o’clock. They are still arriving.

2.The graduate students started arriving at four o’clock. They are all in the lecture hall.

            3.She started her research project last month. She’s still doing it

4.They visited this college in 2009, 2012 and 2014. (three times)

5.I started learning how to play the piano eight months ago. I’m still learning it.

6.I started discussing my research proposal with my professor at the beginning of my course. We’re still discussing it.

Ví dụ 5. Exercise 1, page 25 course book

Read Mai’s email to her friend asking for information about higher education in the UK. Fill the gaps, using the given phrases.

            I am eligible to                        I want to consult you about

            I should send                            I am writing to ask you for

            I have to take                           I am worried most

Ví dụ 6. Exercise 2, page 25 course book

Read the email in Exercise 1 again and complete the following outline.


Opening sentence


  • First question
  • Second question

Friendly ending

Complimentary close

Ví dụ 7. Exercise 3, page 25 course book

Choose two of the following points about studying abroad. Write an email of 160 – 180 words to a friend from another country asking for information and advice. Use the outline in Exercise 2.

  1. Work experience for career-based courses
  2. Tuition fees at colleges and universities
  3. Travelling in your host city and country
  4. Experiencing culture shock when studying abroad
  5. Working part-time
  6. Opening a bank account
  7. Surviving the cold and wet weather
  8. Visas and other documents

=> suggest a writing sample

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